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Who this is for

Our actions will always line up with what we believe to be true for us.  When we carry limiting beliefs, our actions will (immediately or eventually) line up with them.

That's why I've created The Enlightened Reframe, an online and mobile app resource for fully releasing limiting beliefs.

Hi, I'm Mary Jo Van Horn and I'm building this resource because it supports my life's mission of every child going to bed at night feeling emotionally safe.

Which starts with us adults learning it for ourselves so that we can effortlessly model it for our youth.

The source of not feeling emotionally safe (or when we feel emotionally triggered) is our limiting beliefs.  

Throughout my own spiritual journey, I got really good at recognizing my limiting beliefs and I knew they weren't true, but they kept coming back or showing up in different ways.

Until I realized there had been a piece missing.

Just as we need to replace a bad habit with a good habit, we need to replace untrue limiting beliefs with a reframe that's based on the truth of who we are.

I call it the enlightened reframe and it became an integral component of my 3-step method for fully releasing limiting beliefs.

What you get

Enlightened reframes for 180+ limiting beliefs that negatively impact our self-esteem, money, workplace, and business...with more limiting beliefs and reframes added each week

Save feature for saving your favorite enlightened reframes for quick and easy access whenever you feel triggered or stuck

Message and Comment features for requesting an enlightened reframe for a limiting belief or issue not yet posted

And my 3-step method for fully releasing limiting beliefs

Watch the video below for a few highlights of the online version.

What it costs

The monthly subscription plan is just $6 USD per month.  You can unsubscribe at any time.
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